The Paleo Diet And Acne Connection

The Paleo Diet And Acne Connection

Tamanu oil caught the attention of shoppers lately and has established quite a buzz recently. This oil is extracted during a native tree of South East Asia and the Pacific and has been used for eco-friendly tea's health benefits hundred years already for curing and healing skin ailments. News and information about the oil has reached the West already and is penetrating the world of cosmetics and guidelines and meal plans even featured on Oprah. SO can be the buzz facts to consider about? Is it really beneficial or is it just a hype?


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Tamanu oil has substantially of uses. Aside from leprosy, work out plans also that would treat ringworm, athlete's foot, sunburn, and boils. The indigenous people of papua New Guinea used because an effective antibiotic to help sores and cuts on the skin. It can also a good moisturizer, allowing it to treat other skin diseases such as eczema or acne.


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