Survivor Samoa Episode 13

Survivor Samoa Episode 13

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Natalie: The editors showed Natalie bonding with Laura last episode for a reason: she'll stick around for a little extra time. Out of the four men and women Foa Foa she may be the least threatening, and if Galu simply decides to decide off one other tribe she'll probably be the last one standing.


Tribal leaders: at the start of "Survivor: samoa" each tribe in order to select one person to be the "leader," and they then produce decisions component the group of people. Being that this time around the castaways really didn't have anything to spend on, they picked solely based on appearance. Where to stay in Samoa (the OTHER Russell, as he shall be called) and also the ever-so-muscular Dr .. Mick were the options for this episode.


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He manipulated not only people in the alliances, web based business . outside as well. One of his greatest moves was earning enough sympathy from Hero JT to ask him to slyly shell out an immunity idol the actual Heroes may rid of Parvati, only to have Russell give the idol to Parvati preserve her.


Fairplay was the main antagonist of Pearl Islands and yet he still managed to make it to third place performing what may the ideal "Survivor" lie ever. Up until the show, Fairplay told an exponent that if he arrived as organ of the loved-one challenge, he were to tell Fairplay that his grandmother passed away. It was a move that host Jeff Probst called "completely despicable" yet admitted Fairplay was a producer's dream and wished he was on every season.


And that's it. Right now, Russell Hantz may be the reigning King of Mean for "Survivor." But surely as you read this, there are future players just chomping at the bits to get on the show and outwit, outplay, and outlast everyone else by using villainous strategies.