Little sexual activity could trigger heart attacks

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When a woman has an active sex life, it not only helps her stay in shape by the amount of calories she can burn, but also protects her cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of having a heart attack.

According to a study conducted by Tufts University in Massachusetts, women who have little sexual activity, that is, less than three times a week, have a greater risk (3.5%) of having a heart attack.

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Sex life, a good way to activate yourself!

Issa Dahabreh, author of the research and who considers sex as a good source of physical activity, details that the lack of it and its relationship with cardiovascular health affects only women.

The specialist says that during sexual relations the heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen consumption rise, factors that reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

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Therefore, women who do not exercise or have a sexually active life have higher levels of cholesterol and body fat, which contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Maintain a satisfying sex life!

If you want to fully enjoy your partner's encounters and reduce the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, David Barrios, psychotherapist and clinical sexologist, gives you the keys to achieve it:

Do not forget that protection during sexual encounters is essential to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or an unwanted pregnancy, so take a responsible sex life.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the risk of having a heart attack and you do not have a partner, it is best to do some sport or moderate physical activity for 30 minutes a day. And you, what do you prefer to exercise alone or accompanied?

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