Diving In El Gouna

Diving In El Gouna


But we usually take pleasure in visibility within the 60 to 80 toes vary all year round. You ought to ensure that electronics are contained in a dry bag. We normally leave the dock at 9.30am every day, returning round 1.30pm . Hopefully these and our diving rules will inform you all you have to find out about Scuba Diving with Pro Divers St Kitts.

Are the Red Sea and Dead Sea the same?

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Earth's surface and has no outlet. Nearly 7 mn tonnes of water evaporate from it daily. If the Dead Sea is 3 mn years old, then the Red Sea dates back to some 25 mn years. Its name is partly from the blue algae that dyes the blue-green water reddish.

Even IF sharks were on the list of Marine Life That’s Dangerous To Divers, they might be near the underside. I’m desirous to get licensed, however I’ve had a pulmonary embolism years in the past from a blood clot in my leg. Will that have an effect on me and was it scary the first trip in the ocean. They can push you down under one hundred thirty five ft in seconds s